Feshie WebCam
Yvonne Stott has sent us an illustrated account of her flight to Skye with Nick during Octoberfest 2016.  Reprinted with  permission from Bowland Forest GC newsletter.
Forthcoming FESTS
Octoberfest 2018 will run from 29th September to 7th October (9 days).
Mayfest 2019 will run from 4th May to 19th May (16 days).
To book your place please contact the Secretary.  
Paul has also sent us this account of his wave climb to 26,000ft in 2014.  Read about it here.
The YS53 "Beast" has new playmates at the Lasham Heritage Centre.  Story by Paul Myers. 
In 2015 Moritz Korn and Maria Schneider trailed a Duo Discus all the way from Ohlstadt in Germany to fly on our ridge.  Read their story here.
Read Mike's account of his flight from Feshie to Ben Nevis Mike Morrison
Feshie blue wave
Read Phil Hawkins' article about the Feshie blue wave here.
Alister's 300km Gold

The Cairngorm Gliding Club has been operating from the Feshie Airstrip for 50 years. It lies in an area of outstanding natural beauty and breathtaking scenery on the edge of Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley, 3 miles from Kincraig.

Feshie is an ideal soaring location with superb conditions for ridge, wave and thermal cross country flying.  We aerotow using our Robin DR400 tug to launch gliders into the best soaring areas.  Our average flight times are among the best, if not the best in the country.

Come visit us for a memorable experience and fly in the most beautiful scenic part of Scotland.  We look forward to seeing you!

 Meanwhile check out this new video from the Glide Britain team, which they made during the Inter Club League weekend in April. 


This year Deeside GC at Aboyne are the champions and we came in third place, partly it has to be said because we were unable to field a full team at Aboyne.

We still need more club members to get involved!  Even if you don't want to compete, volunteer crew and cheerleaders are always welcome, and visits to our neighbour clubs are always fascinating.  For those who may be unsure about what crewing involves, Phil has written the story of the Portmoak weekend last year from the crew's perspective.

Next year's competition will be held at Easterton and Portmoak.  We need you there to support your club! 


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