If you've got some more photos of gliding at Feshie please let me know and I'll add them to this page.


Cairngorm Gliding Club (available in HD)
A video by Pavel Satny about the gliding club at Feshie

Edinburgh University Expedition to Feshie

Mayfest 2009 by Paul Porter

Ray Hill flying U9 at Feshie

Mayfest 2014 by Paul Porter

The following were trawled at random from YouTube:  click  (thermic day) click (a bit manic but some nice close-ups of club characters and equipment) click (nice aerotow into a wave gap) click (unusual views of the north bowl) click (para-gliding at Feshie ~ switch off the awful wind noises and play your own music) click (another sunny thermal flight) click (by Moritz, wave soaring at 4000ft)

There are more videos out there to be discovered.  Tell me if you find any good ones.